Carla Hackley LLC

Landscape Design Services
"...the earth, gentle and indulgent,
ever subservient to the wants of man,
spreads his walks with flowers, and his table with plenty;
returns with interest, every good committed to her care."
Pliny the Elder

  I will help you make sound planting, pruning and hardscaping decisions based on your preferences. The project can be large or small; or maybe you just need some garden coaching. Together, we can plan beautiful, sustainable, low maintenance and environmentally responsible outdoor spaces you'll enjoy for years to come.

Design and Build Firms  Hire me on a contract or hourly basis. I will work to increase your production efficiency.
  • Customer service, from the initial consultation through the design sales, installation and maintenance process
  • Assist your in-house sales and design staff
  • Provide digital photos and uploads of job sites
  • Take measurements in the field
  • Design and rendering of base map, garden sections and master plan
  • Plant schedules and procurement, written proposals and estimation
  • Web and print based presentations
  • On site during installation
  • Follow up with customers